Our Planning Process

1. Contact Us

If you're interested in working with Coveted Journeys, please fill out the form under Contact! We'd love to hear from you so please feel free to email us directly at info@covetedjourneys.com or reach us by phone at (908) 458-5048. 

2. Discover

The process first and foremost starts with you! We want to know your travel needs and desires and what is truly important for you to enjoy and experience. 

3. Collaborate

From what you envision, to what we're able to deliver. This is your valuable time, so it's important that this vacation goes above and beyond your expectations.

4. Design

Now the fun begins! We'll use the information you've provided to put together a custom vacation plan. We'll work together to perfect the itinerary and turn it from a vacation into your Coveted Journey.

5.  Reserve

Once we've planned your Coveted Journey, reservations are made, VIP treatment is ensured and you'll receive a detailed final itinerary outlining your day to day activities and excursions. 

6.  Stay in Touch

We are with our clients every step of the way and are often working behind the scenes to ensure you have a memorable vacation. Prior to your arrival, we'll reach out to hotel GMs to let them know of your arrival because "you can't VIP yourself"!

7. Experience

Bon Voyage! You'll discover the difference of working with a Coveted Journeys advisor and we're never more than a phone call away should any unforeseen issues arise. 

8. Share

Welcome home! We want to hear your feedback to better help us plan your next Coveted Journey!